Quark has teamed up with Polar Bears International to celebrate Arctic Sea Ice Day. This day is intended to bring awareness and call attention to, the effects of Hudson Bay area sea ice loss each summer. Because of the melting sea ice that occurs during the

Every summer, the polar bears of Hudson Bay are forced ashore when the sea ice melts in July. We’ve created a new earth awareness day, Arctic Sea Ice Day to call attention to sea ice losses in the Arctic and how our actions can help. 

The Arctic serves as the earth’s air conditioner because sea ice helps cool the planet by reflecting the sun’s radiation back into space. With less ice, the open water absorbs the heat, contributing to warmer temperatures around the globe.

We invite you to join us in taking action to save sea ice by:

Signing our petition asking for a fair price for carbon 

Greening your grocery list through local, sustainable food items 

Speaking up for more food co-ops and farmers’ markets

Why a green grocery list? Because sustainable food choices can help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are causing the planet to warm and the sea ice to melt. Sustainable food production is also better for the overall environment and our health.

For more information, please visit this website www.polarbearsinternational.org

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