Claudio Vidal Hosts Amazon & Chiloé Expedition Cruises!

International Expeditions is excited to offer you two extraordinary wildlife-focused journeys hosted by one of South America’s foremost ornithologists, Claudio Vidal. Experience the famed Amazon River and rainforests of Peru, or explore the glaciers and distinct birdlife of Chile’s Chiloé Island and Northern Archipelago.

Through the connections International Expeditions has built over the past 35 years, you have access to a wealth of travel experts, like Claudio, who add layers of knowledge and insight into the environment. 


 Join Claudio Vidal on Amazon & Chiloé Voyages!



Claudio is a pioneer in natural history travel to Patagonia, leading tours for more than 13 years. Claudio has co-authored many books, including Birds of Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego & Antarctic Peninsula and Torres del Paine — Wildlife & Landscapes. Plus, he brings decades of field experience in wildlife photography, essential in areas like the Amazon and Patagonia, where a rare sighting can happen at any moment!


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