Created by French ski champion Léo Lacroix in 1967, luxury brand Lacroix Skis reveals its new skis in time for Christmas 2015, with a range of models to race down the piste or stroll around the resort in style.
Creator of the first compact ski, Lacroix has been a pioneer from the very beginning. The brand has cultivated its unique image by creating high-end skis – including custom pairs – mastering a diverse range of materials such as textiles, metal, titanium and carbon, as well as the use of advanced specialised technologies in the production process (e.g. fashion design, needle work, anodisation, precise laser cutting).
Lacroix relies on a passionate team of engineers, designers, champions/testers, competitors and advisors, working together in a laboratory of reflection and creation to develop products which deal with the technical constraints of usage and optimise the skiing experience.
For the upcoming autumn/winter 2015-16 season, Lacroix Skis reveals its new series of skis:

For her…

Lacroix presents its skis designed specially for women, innovating with technology while balancing fashion trends and elegance


With its sporty look, this pair of skis has a newly developed LX Sandwich structure, allowing precision and stability on hard snow. Its sequined finish adds a touch of style.

Price: £730

LXR Lady

The LXR Lady is dedicated to expert female skiers. The fibro-metal structure, evidence of Lacroix’s expertise in high- level competition, offers an extreme dynamism on all types of snow.

Price: £1394

Ultimate lady

Refinement, elegance, performance and know-how are all united in this unique pair of titanium skis created just for women. This model is limited to just 100 pairs for autumn/winter 2015-16.

Price: £6268

For him…


As an updated model of the LXR HD, the ICERUNNER integrates maneuverability and stability for the ultimate performance on all types of snow. Skiers of all levels will appreciate these high performance and playful skis, a perfect balance for those looking for both sport and leisure.

Price: £848

Ultimate Balck

An exclusive model, with no compromise on materials, production or ride quality. This model is limited to just 100 pairs for autumn/winter 2015-16.

Price: £6268

Mach Carbon

Power is a fundamental characteristic of this new ski. It allows high-speed entry into turns as well as acceleration coming out of turns, enhancing the pleasure of the skiing experience.

Price: £848


Carbon Tracer

A result of Lacroix’s experience in high-level competition skiing, these skis have been created with surgical precision, directional stability and an unrivalled gliding experience.

Price: £1394


As freeride skis for demanding skiers, the Offtracker skis benefit from the ICERUNNER technology and the shape of the LXW HD model. This pair of skis is extremely versatile on all terrains and types of snow.

Price: £848

Mach titane

A sandwich structure with a titanium alloy for the top-sheet surface and different geometries for slalom and for giant slalom. Dynamic and precise, these skis are reactive and elastic.

Price: £2729

See the complete winter 2015-2016 collection on for more information.

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