The weather in Sahara is amazing in March and April. 

Our Camp Adounia team wants you to experience the amazing Sahara desert and our incredible desert camp experience during one of the best times of the year. 

Our Sahara season ends May 1st and then Adounia is headed to the beach.

We don’t want to you miss out on our beautiful Sahara Camp, so we’re running an end of season special deal. 

Book your Sahara adventure. 

A note from our guests:


“It really was the trip of a lifetime….the changing landscapes on the journey often seemed from biblical times and the camp was like an oasis. The thought that had gone into creating this beautiful, eco camp was mind-blowing. Experiencing the magic of the Sahara alongside people from local communities who shared their culture with us was incredible! ”  

We’ll help you get down to Sahara and support you in booking a fantastic driver on our trusted team.

The adventure down to Sahara is incredible. You’ll venture through the beautiful Draa Valley full of palm trees, canyons, and pass through beautiful traditional desert communities.  

You’ll arrive at our beautiful camp. Adounia is like no other camp in the Sahara. Since a camp owned a women our interiors are furnished with stylish interiors from Emma’s African rug & furnishing shop and we pride ourselves in attention to detail.

Our location in Sahara is unique, there are no other camps in our space, Erg Biertam, as it is still owned by the tribal communities of the region. It’s a unique sacred space of the Saharawi from times gone by. We work with the people of this area respecting the environment and culture.


Our white tents create a gorgeous picturesque scene, so breathtakingly beautiful it’s hard to believe it’s real. But Adounia is your desert home for a little while.  

Each of our tents have real beds, Egyptian cotton sheets and beautiful furnishing, handmade by Moroccan artisans. Each tent has an en suite bathrooms with a sand compost toilet and a silver water basin to act as your desert sink. Our bathrooms have eco-toiletries and we provide you with hot and cold water for washing on our hammam stools. 

We’ll keep you as clean and comfortable as possible while being mindful of the ecological impact of our camp on the desert.  

A note from our guests:


“For 4 days we were looked after by the kindest group of people in the beautiful Saharan desert. Camp Adounia was a little piece of luxury surrounded by sand dunes. Each night was spent sharing delicious food, lying in the sand gazing up at an endless show of shooting stars, swapping stories and listening to beautiful music” 

You’ll relax in the desert environment. Our citadel of dunes is calming, expansive and utterly peaceful. You can go  sandboarding, opt for a camel ride or go wandering in the dunes.

You’ll enjoy delicious meals, completely authentic but with a delicious twist and an amazing back drop.


Our staff will be at your beck an call to help you with whatever you may need, educate you about the desert environment or simply have a nice chat.   

A note from our guests:

“I was prepared to rough it in the Sahara for several days. But what I found at Camp Adounia was more than I could have asked for! Gorgeously appointed tents that were perfect after a long day of exploring, wonderful food, and the best nightime entertainment–Berber nomads playing music around a campfire under a blanket of Sahara stars” 

A trip to the desert can be a life changing experience, connecting you with the ancient wisdom of nature and providing you with endless space (both literally and metaphorically).  

It’s an adventure to cross off your bucket list. At Camp Adounia we go the extra mile, providing service and an experience with integrity, heart and class. 

What are you waiting for? Book your desert adventure right now!


Our special rates are €125 per person and €55 for children under 12.  

Book your Sahara Adventure!






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