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The Tropical and Jungle Hammocks are both ideal for those seeking a simple and efficient sleep solution – when it’s time to bed down for the night, a hammock that is strong, reliable, quick and easy to set up is essential.


Snugpak’s Tropical Hammock (RRP £34.95) is made from lightweight but extremely strong parachute material, with heavy duty carabineers and triple stitched seams for extra support. It comes with a Suspension Attachment System which makes setting up simple, and in the morning it simply folds away into its own stuff bag. When on the go, it is lightweight enough to carry around at just 590g, including carabineers and guy ropes, and will hold up to 175kg. 


The Jungle Hammock (RRP £44.95) has all the benefits of the Tropical Hammock, but with the mosquito net built in, making it ideal for times when protection from biting insects is needed, but carrying a tent or separate net around isn’t an option.

Strong, simple and reliable, both hammocks provide the perfect solution to an undisturbed night’s sleep when out in the woods or the jungle.

Snugpak launched a Hammock Sleep System collection last year, which improves comfort and warmth by maximising insulation and reducing wind chill when sleeping in a hammock. The collection comprises two systems – a two piece insulation system which includes the Hammock Quilt and the Hammock Under Blanket, and an all-in-one insulation system, the Hammock Cocoon – all of which have antibacterial properties. 


The Hammock Bushcraft Quilt (RRP £39.95) provides easy access whilst keeping the user warm and comfortable, and has some clever features such as a section that has extra insulation to keep feet warm, as well as two insulated flaps which can be tucked down each side to help keep the quilt in place all night long. The quilt is insulated with Snugpak’s exclusive British made Softie Premier filling, and comes with its own stuff sack for easy storage and transportation.

Combined with the quilt, Snugpak’s Hammock Under blanket (RRP £49.95) provides the ideal two piece insulation system. When sleeping outdoors in a hammock and being faced with inclement weather such as high winds and low temperatures, the cold could penetrate through to the inside of the hammock, but not with Snugpak’s innovative under blanket – it fits snugly to the outside of the hammock and insulates from cold and wind, providing a warm, comfortable night’s sleep. This two piece system is ideal for hammocks that have a built-in mosquito net, such as Snugpak’s Jungle Hammock.

As an alternative to the two piece quilt and under blanket, Snugpak’s new Hammock Cocoon (RRP £79.95), an all in one insulation system, has been introduced to the range. The Hammock Cocoon fully encases the hammock from the bottom, all the way to the top (like a giant banana skin), trapping warm air inside the hammock – a novel solution to the problem of sleeping bag and clothing insulation getting crushed under tension from the hammock. It features a full length zip for easy access in and out, and the Travelsoft filling provides great insulation and comfort.  This is ideal for hammocks without built in mosquito net, such as Snugpak’s Tropical Hammock.


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