Sri Lanka is a mysterious and inviting land with a rich, if tumultuous, history. With its landscape, animals, and wonderful people to match, the country is currently a hot spot for travel in Asia – and for good reason. It’s visually appealing and overtly scenic, and I was lucky to recently spend three weeks exploring this gorgeous island nation, taking advantage of the countless photo ops at every turn. I hope you enjoy this Visual Adventure through a land with a story to be told.

 Sri Lanka

On a train in the middle of the countryside. Just like India, rail is one of the cheapest and most frequent modes of transport. Though not always reliable, fast, or clean, trains here make up for it with their sense of adventure, often having open doors so riders can lean out and feel the wind on their faces. That’s what we were doing in this photo – chilling, watching the world go by, and snapping pics like crazy.A daily ritual at a rural school in Kurunegala, this is the after-school national anthem and prayer session. I took this shot while waiting for The Music Project extracurricular program to start with a selection of children from this primary school. It was amazing to see the kids pick up the instruments and start to play together.

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