Keeps technical outdoor gear performing from this season to the next and beyond

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas stocking fillers for the outdoor lover in your life, then look no further than the range of cleaning, waterproofing and aftercare range from STORM.

With high performance technical outdoor kit often costing a small fortune, any outdoor enthusiast will be delighted to receive STORM’s products to ensure they get the maximum usage – and performance, from their gear.

Over time dirt and oil mask the water repellency treatment on waterproof kit, meaning it starts losing performance and absorbing water. With its performance-restoring properties, STORM’s cleaning, waterproofing and aftercare products can be used to prolong the life of waterproof jackets, mid and base layers, down jackets, leather, suede and synthetic footwear, backpacks – and much more, making them the perfect festive gift that continues to keep on giving!

For waterproof jackets, STORM’s Cleaner & Proofer Twin Pack (SRP £6 for 75ml twin pack or SRP £7 for 75ml Eco Twin Pack, which is PFC free) is suitable for the aftercare and re-proofing of ALL fabrics and materials including, Gore-Tex®; it’s the handy option to clean and proof garments in one easy wash cycle.

For base and mid layers STORM’s Base & Mid Layer Wash (SRP £10 for a 300ml bottle) is designed to maximise performance and hygienically clean wicking garments without effecting functionality. This hypoallergenic cleaner allows the treated garment to continue to wick moisture away from the skin and through the layering system of your clothing. In addition to removing dirt and residue, which impairs wicking performance and breathability, the Base & Mid Layer Wash contains silver ions to combat odours and aid with temperature regulation. Not to be used on fabrics which are waterproof.

For down garments and sleeping bags, STORM’s Down Cleaner (SRP £6.50 for a 300ml bottle) has been developed in partnership with major manufacturers to maximise the performance and feel of down and down filled items. The balanced pH allows for the cleaning to be gentle on the fibres so they remain soft to the touch, maximise loft and maintain the intended performance.

For merino and wool clothing, STORM’s Merino and Wool Wash (SRP £6.50 for 300ml) is perfect for both merino undergarments and heavier woollens. Technical wool can become damaged with the wrong care product and domestic detergents can be too harsh for delicate wool items. STORM’s Merino and Wool Wash is a low pH treatment that allows for gentle cleaning of fibres without clogging them; ensuring they remain soft to the touch and maintain the intended performance.

For walking and hiking footwear, STORM’s Footwear Cleaner (SRP £4.50 for a 75ml pump spray bottle) is a high strength cleaner that removes stubborn stains and marks. The cleaner lifts dirt from fibres in preparation for a proofing treatment.

STORM’s Footwear Proofer (SRP £5.50 for a 75ml pump spray bottle) restores the original water repellent finish to the surface of waterproof footwear, maximising performance. The easy to use direct spray-on proofer is suitable for all footwear including; fabric, leather, suede and combination materials.
Now in a new pocket-sized 35g tin, STORM’s Beeswax Rich Leather Protector (SRP £3.49) is a high quality paraffin cream containing both conditioning and protection waxes, enriched with Beeswax. The cream protects from ingress of water, adds water repellency, conditions and protects leathers from cracking.

For outdoor equipment; ideal for re-proofing backpacks, STORM’s Fast Dry Proofer (SRP £8 for 300ml) is a specially formulated fast-drying spray-on proofer is ideal for all material. Simply spray onto your backpack for a quick and easy way to apply a water-repellent finish.

For any tent damage and rips, products like Storm’s Tear-Aid Patch Pack (SRP £7) are ideal for both on-site immediate repairs and for more permanent repairs actioned at home during the aftercare process. The Tear-Aid Patch Pack allows clear and flexible air tight and water tight repairs to be made with ease. Simply clean the area, cut patch, peel and stick!

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