Greenland never fails to amaze polar adventurers. Here’s just a few reasons why:

1.Greenland is the largest non-continental island in the world

2.Epic Northern Lights displays

3.Stunning fjords and valleys

4.Diverse, active arctic wildlife

5.Rich Thule and Inuit history and culture

And for 2016, you can optimize your exploration time with a choice of convenient, time-saving Arctic Express: Fly/Cruise Greenland expeditions. 

The best vantage point for incredible displays of northern lights, home of the world’s most prolific glaciers and wondrous icebergs and the birthplace of kayaking, Greenland is best explored via its coast, as no roads connect the towns. Quark Expeditions has been sailing this remote island for decades, and our Expedition Team knows all the best spots for hiking, trekking and wildlife viewing. The local Inuit elders always welcome our guests with open arms.


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