Today Amplid celebrates two significant milestones in its history by releasing a very limited edition ski and snowboard.

Thirty years ago, almost to the day, Amplid’s co-founder, Peter Bauer, strapped onto a snowboard for the first time. At the time it was just fun times with good friends, nothing more, but over the next thirty years snowboarding would shape Peter’s future. Peter took to snowboarding like a duck to water, and was soon an integral part of the all-star Burton Team. At Burton Peter flourished and he soon became heavily involved with the company’s extensive R&D program, something he reveled in. In the late 90s Peter left Burton to pursue other opportunities.

Ten years ago, in the summer of 2004, spurred on by his soon to be business partner, freeskier Anian Thrainer, the two friends founded Amplid; a snowboard and freeski brand for the era in which snowboarders and skiers have more similarities to unite about than differences separating each other.

Amplid is marking these two anniversaries, the founding of Amplid and Peter’s first steps in his thirty year career, with the release of the 10/30 Series; a ski and snowboard built to Peter and Anian’s dream specifications. Both shreds have been designed by Peter to meet their namesake’s concept of a perfect freeride shred. When asked about the design process Peter said:

“With the 10/30 series Anian and I wanted to create a ski and a snowboard without taking into account market demand or economical practicalities, featuring shapes which are tailored to mine and Anian’s riding styles. I wanted to create a ski for Anian that he can spend the rest of his life on, just like the 10/30 snowboard that I designed for myself. These are shreds which suit our personal perception of riding!”

Both the A10/30 ski and B10/30 snowboard feature new “custom” geometry and Amplid’s flagship materials, including featherweight HEXO2 construction and a race grade 7200 grade sintered base. The A10/30 ski is available in the length of 191cm and the B10/30 snowboard comes in 163cm only, as chosen by Anian and Peter.

A large proportion of the 10/30 skis and snowboards have already been given by Peter to people who have influenced and inspired him during the past thirty years. The handful of shreds that are still available can be found at Amplid’s most dedicated dealers and at

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