SmartWater fishing security pack available to Angling Trust members for £9.99 from June 25th

The Angling Trust has announced details of a new partnership with crime fighting specialist SmartWater Technology Ltd, which will provide its members with the means to enhance their security and protect valuable angling equipment from the threat of theft.

From 25th June 2014 Angling Trust members will be able to purchase a SmartWater security pack specifically designed to protect fishing tackle and equipment, including rods, reels, tackle boxes and ancillaries. Collections of fishing tackle can be worth many hundreds of pounds, but they also hold sentimental value to the owner and cannot simply be replaced if stolen.

SmartWater’s Fishing Security Pack will be available to Angling Trust members for a special one-off price of £9.99 (including VAT and delivery). Members can place an order by phoning SmartWater’s Freephone sales line on 0800 521 669 and quoting promotional code ANG10 along with their Angling Trust membership number. Registration details will be taken over the phone to activate and validate the unique SmartWater solution issued to each member.

Through the use of SmartWater Angling Trust members can protect their fishing equipment by making them uniquely identifiable. The forensic liquid is simply painted on to items of value, assigning them with a forensic code that is registered to the owner, so they can be traced if stolen and subsequently recovered by the police.

Once applied SmartWater is almost impossible to remove and can only be seen under ultraviolet (UV) light. Unlike DNA-based markers, which fade in sunlight and can require regular reapplication, SmartWater is extremely durable and is guaranteed to last for a minimum of 5 years, even when used outdoors. Each SmartWater pack is also supplied with high-visibility deterrent signage to warn thieves that property is protected.

SmartWater is well known to criminals, as it heightens their chances of arrest and subsequent conviction. Police forces across the UK, together with SmartWater’s own Investigators, regularly visit second hand outlets to search for marked property, thereby making it increasingly difficult for thieves to sell on stolen goods. As a result, SmartWater is a powerful criminal deterrent.

Dilip Sarkar, Fisheries Enforcement Manager of the Angling Trust, said: “Fishing tackle can be high value and is therefore attractive to thieves. Tackling theft, therefore, is another area of operations for us and we are delighted to be working in partnership with world-leader SmartWater to provide Angling Trust members with cutting-edge forensic technology at a generously discounted price. This product provides police with irrefutable confirmation of a marked item’s owner. Use of SmartWater, which is increasingly feared by the criminal fraternity, has demonstrably reduced other areas of crime – and we are confident that will be the case once anglers start using the product.”

Will Smith, Membership Manager of the Angling Trust, added: “As an angler I know how precious my fishing tackle is to me, both monetarily and sentimentally. SmartWater provides a very effective method of protecting fishing tackle from the risk of theft. It also fits perfectly within the Angling Trust’s participation in the Government’s drive to reduce rural crime. The availability of SmartWater at a specially discounted rate is yet another great benefit to Angling Trust members.”

Phil Cleary, Chief Executive of SmartWater Technology Ltd, said: “SmartWater is an extremely powerful crime fighting weapon that has aided hundreds of criminal convictions and maintains a 100% conviction rate in Court. Criminals are very aware of what it is and will avoid it at all costs.”

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