Hopefully the festivities are now a dim and distant memory and your sights are set firmly on your angling goals for the year ahead. You know we like to give you every bit of assistance and encouragement I can so I’ve decided to make January our most generous discount of the year….

If you’ve got balls of steel and have held out till now it won’t get any better than this so if you snooze you lose. 25% off is the number – the code is JAN15 so ‘get on it like a car bonnet’ this cannot be beaten by me or anyone else.


Part of the reason for this and our other promotions is we are NOT I repeat NOT attending any of the shows this year NOT even our beloved Brentwood. So NO show deals! The reason we are NOT attending any of the shows is we are too busy already to devote any time in the spring to shows so your only hope now is to take up this offer if you normally fill your freezer at our show rates.The code once again is JAN15 the offer runs until 31/1/15. 


For more information, please visit this website

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