Entrepreneur Aurora Tyas delivered what Evan Davis called an “intrepid pitch” in the Den to iconic investors Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Duncan Bannatyne, Piers Linney and Kelly Hoppen last night on BBC2.

Pop&Go Knickers are the only quick dry travel underwear with Fasteners on the sides, enabling wearers to quickly change and freshen up without having to take off all their lower items of clothing and shoes.

BBC Dragons' Den 2014, Pop&Go Knickers inventor Aurora Tyas

The Dragons unfortunately chose not to invest as the market Aurora is targeting is very niche. Piers Linney saw in Aurora the “embodiment of an entrepreneur”, he liked her total vision, and added that “[he] would invest in [her] if [she] had a different idea”.

The technical underwear was specifically designed for women who travel and participate in outdoor pursuits, so that they can be sure of staying comfortable whilst living their lives to the max.

Pop&Go Knickers is also a real lifesaver for people with limited mobility or back injuries, who couldn’t otherwise put on their underwear unaided.

Aurora explains: “I invented the underwear concept on my round-the-world trip because nothing existed to solve this common problem found among travellers and people who do a lot of outdoor activities. After hours trekking or mountain climbing believe me you do get sweaty and uncomfortable.

Now if you are near home or a hotel you would go and shower and wear fresh clothes, but if you are camping on a multi-day trekking adventure, or you are due to spend the night on a terrible night bus across South America, then showering and changing clothes isn’t an option.

However I found that even if all your clothes smell and your body feels sweaty, the simple fact of changing underwear makes you feel instantly better. However toilet cubicles on night buses are either non-existent, or tiny, filthy with a door that doesn’t lock, so trying to remove your trousers and shoes to change underwear just isn’t the most practical option.

Simple fasteners on the sides of the underwear seemed to do the trick to avoid the balancing act though, and so I carried on my world trip always feeling comfortable and refreshed no matter what crazy activities I had done.” Pop&Go Knickers use the best technical fabric currently available on the market. The Dri Release fabric is extremely soft and cottony and dries 4 times faster than regular cotton underwear. Its technical quick dry and anti-microbial properties are built into the yarn so they never wash away.

Pop&Go Knickers’ press stud fasteners are secure, effective and comfortable, and all you need to travel around the world for an entire year is 3-4 pairs of Pop&Go Knickers, and then you can enjoy every minute of your trip!

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For more information, please visit this website www.popandgoknickers.com

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