In all demanding outdoor activities you need to manage the sweat you produce to stay dry and comfortable.

In the hottest conditions you need maximum cooling, and in cold conditions you need to maintain your insulation.

Cambia’s Parameta T+ fabric moves moisture laterally to enhance evaporation of sweat. The fabric also moves moisture from one face to the other…

•    when directed away from your body, it maintains insulation

•    when held next to your body, it helps cooling.

Because the two faces of the fabric behave differently, simply by reversing a Parameta T+ shirt you can make it cooler or warmer, making it exceptionally versatile.

All Cambia T-shirts are designed with flat seams to make them comfortable either way out. They are stretchy, rapid-drying and easy to wash. They come in a choice of long or short sleeves, and in Sport or Classic fit.

Embrace 2015’s adventures with gear renowned for performance and guaranteed for durability.

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