Day three of the Pingtan Kiteboarding World Cup came up short on wind as the forecast had predicted resulting in a lay day for the competition. Riders arrived to the beach for the 10:30 am meeting greeted by overcast skies and glassy conditions that showed little promise for the wind to increase to contestable levels.  Still hopeful for a surprise thermal wind, competitors were kept on hold until 2 pm when they were officially released for the day.

In spite of the lack of wind, riders and staff used the time wisely to relax, do some shopping, and enjoy some of the local touristic sites. Some of the freestyle competitors used the time for cross-training workouts in preparation for the strong winds that are forecast to begin blowing tonight and throughout the remainder of the contest period. The freestyle discipline will now take priority as conditions are expected to be strongest on Monday and Tuesday.

With three days remaining in the event and a favorable forecast for the coming days, the stage is set for the battles for the freestyle world titles to continue. Liam Whaley’s (ES) performance here will be make or break for the young Spaniard. He needs to win this event if he is to hold on to any hope of dethroning Christophe Tack (BE) from the top spot.  The women’s competition is equally important with Karolina Winkowska (PL) holding on to the first rank position by only a narrow margin, and Gisela Pulido (ES) hungry to reestablish her title as world champion for yet another year.

Tomorrow, riders will meet at 10:30 m with a first possible start at 11 am. The event will not be live streamed due to restrictions on live broadcasts by the Chinese government, however heats will be uploaded to the PKRA Youtube account at the end of each day. Stay posted to the PKRA Facebook  and Twitter feeds for all the latest results and news from the event.

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