Massive heats highlighted the seventh day of the Tarifa Pro Kite Tour that delivered amazing performances in both men’s and women’s divisions. An early evening lull in the wind forced the postponement of the competition only to return later as the sun began to set. The heats that followed showcased the best riding seen all day with Your Zoon (NL) beating Aaron Hadlow (UK) and Annelous Lammerts (NL) winning over Paula Novotna (CZ) leaving the battle for the podium spots for tomorrow’s last day of competition.

For the better part of two hours, riders were kept on hold, as the wind seemed to be finished for the day. After completing one round of men’s and one round of women’s heats, the wind fell into the single digits and it was looking like it would not return, but race director Erik Troostheide make the call to keep riders on stand-by. Suddenly, as the sun began to fall around 7 pm, the wind filled back in and five more heats were run in what were the best conditions of the day.

The women’s ladder saw great riding from Novotna who is just back after an injury that has kept her from competing the whole year. She defeated Sabrina Lutz (DE) in an impressive heat before succumbing to Lammerts who rode with intent. Lammerts rode well and had a very impressive heat against Novatna landing big powered tricks including a Slim Chance and Back Mobe amongst others, earning the highest heat score of the day for the ladies. 

Commenting on her performance, “I had to give it my best because I saw the scores from the other girls and I knew that I had to land all of my best tricks and score 6’s with my execution, so I was just telling myself to keep my kite low. I did everything I could do, and it was enough this time!  Now I have to give another give it another shot for the podium tomorrow.”

In the men’s division, the last two heats of the day were some of the best seen all event and had live stream viewers and spectators gasping for air at the heats end and leaving no real degree of certainty of who had won.  Stefan Spiessberger (AT) had a great day showing strong riding and proving he can be a force in the upper ranks of the ladder. Putting together a close heat against Hadlow, he lost by .3 of a point for his highest finish all season.

In the last heat of the day, it was the second time that Hadlow would meet Zoon in this event. Both had a lot of big tricks but Zoon was clearly on fire and having the best heat of his season. They were close in the points until Zoon landed two double passes, a Blind Judge 5 and 317 to give him the advantage. Hadlow answered back with a Blind Judge 5 but failed to land his usual Crow Mobe 5. In the last second, Hadlow launched into a S-Mobe 7 landing it clean, and earning 8.93 points for the highest trick score of the day.  After the points were all in, it was Zoon taking the win by only .2 points.

“I studied my papers from the singles and I took a little bit different strategy with how I started off the heat.  I usually always start with a Blind Judge 3 but they are not scoring that high anymore so I started with my Front Blind Mobe, and then managed to do two doubles” commented Zoon. “I got a little bit scared again when I saw Aaron landing that S-Mobe 7, but I was really stoked when I won because of course, winning against Aaron twice in one event is no small thing’’ he added.

The powered light wind conditions are expected to return for our last day of competition tomorrow. West winds are forecast, but the wind strength will depend on local thermal conditions. Riders will meet at 1:00 with a first possible start at 1:30. As always, stay tuned to the PKRA Facebook page and Twitter feed for live stream start times, updates and all the latest from the Tarifa Pro Kite Tour 2014.

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