Day four – more wind, more sun and more great riding. Riders were once again greeted with friendly sunshine and the steady trades winds that Brazil is well know for, to say that Barra Grande delivers as a top class kiteboarding destination would be an understatement!

Day four signalled the start of the double elimination and the beginning of the climb for some riders up the elimination ladder. The women all seemed determined to improve upon their positions, powered S-bend to Blinds were the trick to have with this trick making the difference for most ladies in todays heats. Oja, Novotna, Lange and the Local Brazilian Vieira all advanced respectively and their heats tomorrow should prove to be tight competition. When asked about their performances today none of the ladies seemed overly excited about their heats, it will be exciting to see how they improve upon their performances tomorrow and prepare themselves for competition against the top four ladies.

Today was another impressive day for the men with riders pulling out all the biggest tricks we’ve seen thus far, 317’s have become a common sight this event with some riders consistently completing these technical tricks now every heat. The Brazilian Ivanildo Fernandez had what judges agreed to be one of the most impressive Front Blind Mobes and Backmobe 540’s seen in competition history, sadly he didn’t advance past his countryman Eudazio Da Silva but we’re certain we will see him at a few more events in the near future.

Today was a good day for the Brazilian men with both Set Teixera and Carlos Mario making it into tomorrows elimination rounds. Both Brazilian riders rode hard with the powered consistency that they have been become renowned for, Mario throwing one of the nicer Backside 317’s seen thus far. Their match ups between Tack and Martinez tomorrow should prove to be challenging but without doubt a spectacle not to be missed. The winners of those two heats will have a hard job, first having to compete against each other and then against the top four, it will be exciting to see how far these underdogs can go.

With more steady wind and flatter morning conditions predicted for tomorrow this will surely be a spectacle not to be missed. Make sure you tune into the PKRA Facebook page and Twitter feeds for all the updates and info.

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