Day three competition started earlier than the days previous with the lighter winds making the first Womens heats really impressive, all top four women, Pulido, Kayjia, Lammerts and Winkowska had excellent heats. Backmobes and Front to Blinds were the flavour of the day with all top four women executing one or both in their heats. Kayjia came out riding solid in her first heats shaping up for a possible final appearance, sadly she couldn’t keep it up against Pulido. Both Women having a somewhat average heat with Pulido making it through to the final. The tour rookie Lammerts once again came up against the tour leader Winkowska in the semi finals, Lammerts tried her best to overpower Winkowska but in the end she couldn’t land enough tricks falling short of Winkowskas powered consistency. The final was another classic Pulido Vs Winkowska match up, with both girls coming out strong. Pulido took the more technical approach whilst Winkowska tried to keep it solid with her kite low. The tricky conditions seemed to favour Pulidos heat approach however as she managed to land a few more tricks than Winkowska with a nice Front to Blind narrowly edging out Winkowska for the win.

The Mens competition started in a similar fashion to the ladies with the lighter less choppy morning conditions being favoured by most. The level of riding was intense as the days previous with Backside and Frontside 317s being a pretty common sight as the heats rolled on. Arguably one of the closest heats of the day was between the Brazilian Carlos Mario and the Spaniard Liam Whaley. Both Whaley and Mario went out hard with Mario landing a Backside Frontside 317’s in the heat whilst Whaley posted a 317 and an amazingly powered Backside 315. The result however came down to the lesser scoring tricks of the heat with Whaley posting a really solid Backmobe 540, Front Blind Mobe and Crow Mobe 540 scoring above those of the young Brazilian.

Whaleys rise to the top continued in the next heat where he came up against team mate, training partner and tour rookie David Tonijuan. Whaley proceeded to dissect his team mate with a methodical approach to his heat. Whaley finished the heat on a high note with one of the best KGB 540’s ever witnessed in tour history and posting up a heat total into the 40’s.

Christophe Tack on the other hand appeared to be riding injured with his tricks hardly representative of his previous competition level. Tack had a fair heat against Youri Zoon but it wasn’t enough to match the solid heat Zoon had with both Backside and Frontside 317’s and a Slim Chance 720 putting the final hammer in.

The final was a Whaley, Zoon extravaganza with both riders coming out all guns firing. Whaley opened with another his huge almost trade-marked Backmobe 540 whilst Zoon hit back with a solid Backmobe himself. Those first tricks seemed to set the scene for the heat with Zoon never really getting to stick the bigger tricks he was gunning for. Zoon tried a few 317’s but it just wasn’t happening for him as even though Whaley had what could be considered a rather average heat for him he still glided through to take the win.

Tomorrows forecast is calling for more of the same, with the double elimination set to take place it will be interesting to see if some of the Brazilian riders can make it back up to the podium. Stay tuned into the PKRA Facebook page and Twitter feed for all the latest results and info!

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