If you have a need for ›supercharged‹ speed then the Falcon Slalom is for you. The board of champions, the Falcon will accelerate you to the podium!

Key Features

Wider outlines around the front footstraps

Ergo rail design

Efficient cut out design

Balanced volume flow

Proven rockers that deliver speed and control

Tuned bottom shape




Top quality and high-tech specification Biax Carbon has a perfect weight to stiffness ratio as a result of its very fine weave, plus has fantastic dynamic flex. Full Biax Carbon is used on the decks and bottoms of the bigger Falcons and Falcon Formula for maximum stiffness and lightest possible weight. Whilst on the smaller Falcons (90 – 99 liters) it is used only in the deck area for a better flexibility of the boards in choppy conditions. Combined with PVC Sandwich technology and Glass reinforcements, the Biax / Carbon provides a perfect stiffness / flex / weight ratio on the Falcon Slalom, Speed and Formula lines.

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