The steel claws of Fiskars Weed Pullers are so impressive I feel like the Terminator every time I use it. Locate, eradicate, dispatch. Mission over.”

James Wong, Ethnobotanist and TV celebrity

Fiskars is on a mission to encourage more gardeners to become weed and chemical free. With a phenomenal four million award-winning Weed Pullers sold since launch, Fiskars has introduced the next range of Weed Pullers to help today’s gardeners say no to weeds and chemicals taking over their lawns.

“Our research shows that 53% of lawn owners still mainly use traditional weeding tools and 58% rely on herbicide with toxic substances. Our vision is to make weeding enjoyable, clean, green and available to all. That’s why we’ve created our next generation of Weed Pullers.” says Kerry Murfin, Trade Marketing Director of Fiskars UK.

The Xact™ Weed Puller is perfect for heavy users, a robust tool designed to take on the toughest enemies. For lighter users, the new Fiskars Light Weed Puller is more than enough to keep weeds at bay and lawns in tip top condition.

Xact™ Weed Puller

The Fiskars Xact™ Weed Puller aligns perfectly with the Xact™ range of robust digging tools, specifically designed for optimal durability, function and comfort. With an ergonomic handle which helps keep your wrist in a neutral position for more comfortable use, the Xact™ Weed Puller features a new pedal design that improves durability by 30% and is perfect for intensive or large areas of weeding.

Length: 1000 mm | Weight: 950 g RRP £39.99 inc VAT



Light Weed Puller


For those with smaller spaces or less weeds to tackle, the new Light Weed Puller is the perfect addition to the Fiskars Light range.

The aluminium shaft reduces weight without compromising strength and the slightly shorter length of 900mm, makes this Weed Puller suitable for use by all the family. An innovative see through pedal helps align the claws directly over the centre of the weed. The new pedal, blade and patented weed ejector effortlessly ejects weeds whilst the new signature white handle injects a little style into gardening.

Length: 900 mm | Weight: 900 g RRP £34.99 inc VAT

Weeding is as easy as 1, 2, 3

A perfect lawn is not achieved by the lawn mower alone and weeds like dandelions can ruin that highly prized finish. Removing them without the use of harmful or toxic substances can be hard work and unless you remove their deep taproots weeds will just keep growing back.

The only sure solution is a tool that extracts them from the root, without unnecessary chemicals and effort. The award winning Fiskars Weed Puller provides today’s gardeners with an impressively easy, effective and ecological friendly solution.

Simply place the tool over the weed, push in the steel claws

Step on the pedal and pull back – the weed is pulled out effortlessly from the root

Eject with a single slide of the orange handle directly into a waiting container. 

With no need for harmful and costly chemicals or noisy motors, this simple but ingenious tool will remove weeds from your lawn effortlessly, leaving a clean green space for everyone to enjoy. 

Available from….EVERYWHERE!

James Wong is the brand ambassador for Fiskars garden hand tools campaign, designed to revolutionise gardening and inspire a new generation to get outdoors.

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