Design in Motion’ is the underlying principle behind every product in the Helly Hansen spring/summer 2014 collection. This season, global sportswear brand, Helly Hansen has created a diverse offering that is lighter, faster and better than ever before. The collection is the definition of Scandinavian design, with each piece of apparel and footwear made with a singular purpose: to be as breathable, lightweight, comfortable and as versatile as possible.

Scandinavians cross-train, hike, run, and sail outdoors regardless of the weather and Mother Nature acts as a source of inspiration for the brand. It is in Scandinavians’ DNA to desire clean, beautiful designs that are as stylish as they are high performance in the face of perpetually changing weather.

The spring/summer 2014 collection features seamless constructions, integrated support, and Helly Hansen’s most advanced technologies and materials, including its award-winning H2FLOW™ technology.

Warmer, Cooler, Lighter: H2FLOW™ is Helly Hansen’s groundbreaking design that combines an insulation layer, an airflow venting system and a protective waterproof breathable barrier. It allows adventurers to regulate their body temperature in a wider variety of conditions and climates. This season, Helly Hansen extends its H2FLOW™ construction into its sailing collection.

H2FLOW™ technology is one of many Helly Hansen firsts, including LIFA®, the first technical apparel baselayer introduced in the 1970s; Pro-Pile™, the precursor to modern fleece introduced in the ‘60s; and the Three-Layer Principle of dress that has become the standard for outdoor adventurers. Today, Helly Hansen’s HH® DRY, HH® COOL, and Helly Tech™ technologies, as well as its award-winning H2FLOW™ technology, are the cornerstones of its spring/summer 2014 collection.

Spring/Summer 2014 collection highlights:

Training: In the early 1970s, Helly Hansen debuted the world’s first technical baselayer using LIFA®, to keep outdoor enthusiasts dry and comfortable. Today, Helly Hansen’s HH® COOL with LIFA® is the driving force behind its training collection. In spring/summer 2014, Helly Hansen adds the Challenger SS (SRP £45) and W Pace 1/2 Zip SS 2 (SRP £40) training tops, the men’s and women’s Feather Jacket (SRP £80) and Challenger Performance Tights (SRP £100) to its collection of warm-weather training apparel.

Sailing: Since Norwegian sea captain Helly Juell Hansen created the first supple waterproof fabrics in 1877, sailors have turned to his namesake company for steadfast protection from monstrous waves and gale-force winds. Helly Hansen’s designers have worked alongside professional sailor, Thomas Coville, and Volvo Ocean Race sailors to create three brand new, world-class sailing pieces: The men’s and women’s Crew H2Flow Jacket (SRP £200), men’s and women’s Offshore Race Jacket (SRP £450) and the men’s and women’s Offshore Race Trouser (SRP £280).

Sportswear: In Norse mythology, the Jötunn is an ancient race of beautiful semi-gods living in the grand Norwegian mountain range Jotunheimen. In spring/summer 2014, Helly Hansen debuts its Jotun collection, a sportswear series inspired by Scandinavians’ active lifestyle and Scandiniva’s deep-rooted relationship with Mother Nature. The sleek, women’s Jotun Anorak (SRP £150) provides stylish water resistant protection from the elements. The men’s Jotun Nordic Shirt (SRP £50) is designed with quick-dry fabrics with a soft brushed-cotton feel for comfort and performance.

Outdoor: Helly Hansen collaborates with its professional mountaineering partners, including Mountain Madness, to create the world’s lightest, most waterproof outerwear, and the most ergonomic and durable apparel for outdoor adventures. In spring/summer 2014, Helly Hansen adds two men’s and women’s lightweight backcountry jackets to its collection: the Odin Moon Light Jacket (SRP £150) and Loke Jacket (SRP £85).

Rainwear: Helly Hansen was born by the sea and raised in Scandinavia’s mountains. For this season, Helly Hansen adds two high-fashion rain jackets to its collection: The W Lyness Coat (SRP £120) – a modernized take on the classic fisherman coat – and the Royan Coat (SRP £180) – a sleek, hip-length jacket that can easily be worn over day-to-day clothes or a suit.

Midlayer: Helly Hansen has an impressive history of product solutions that have altered the way the outdoor industry approaches protection, performance and design. In 2012, Helly Hansen’s best-selling, award-winning mid layer innovation, the H2Flow Jacket (SRP £130), joined Helly’s list of firsts, including Helly Tech™, LIFA™, Pro-Pile™, the Three-Layer Principle, and the  original waterproof layer from 1877. In Spring/Summer 2014, Helly Hansen offers new colors in its flagship midlayer.

Footwear: Performance and style are inherent in every Helly Hansen footwear model. This season the Norwegian powerhouse introduces an extensive series of men’s and women’s lifestyle, watersport, and versatile training shoes. The Nimble R2 (SRP £90) is Helly Hansen’s most advanced, lightweight road runner with a weight of 7.75 oz.

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