Stoked to pull off a victory at the second stop of the KiteFoil Gold Cup here at Lake Silvaplana, Switzerland! The conditions were a bit all over the place this week with lots of rain (and snow up the mountains), but we got 9 races off in the first two days. The shifty lake sailing made the racing really tactical and fun. There were tons of lead changes and opportunities to pass so it was a never give up kind of event, and I was able to pull of 7 bullets.

This event marked a big shift for the foil fleet as the big performance jump was not under the water but in the sky. Nearly everyone showed up with parafoil kites (gotta love not touching a pump all week), and those who didn’t wish they had! The wind on the lake seemed to cycle from 8-15 knots and my 15m Chrono was the perfect kite to cover this range. In the puffs the thing locks in and shoots forward without dragging me sideways, but it has the grunt to get me through the lulls also. And downwind…well…I passed a few people 🙂

I’m excited to head home to San Francisco and get more time on my new 9m Chrono in preparation for what is likely to be a windier final tour stop in Townsville, Australia at the end of September. I’ve got a small lead going into the final event, but anything can happen in the tour standings which determine the KiteFoil World Champion.

Congrats to Ollie Bridge and Nico Parlier for filling out the podium, and Ozone riders Nico Landauer and Bryan Lake for their solid performances!

Thanks to Ozone for once again being ahead of the game and producing the fastest kites out there!! Check out all the Chronos on the line….


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