It is fair to say that we are still coming to terms with the events of 25 April and the resulting devastation throughout Nepal. We had 72 team members in-country at the time of the earthquake, and of course, many Nepalese staff who were working with these teams.

Tragically, one member of our Everest expedition, Dan Fredinburg, lost his life when an avalanche triggered by the earthquake blasted through base camp. Other members of our team (both climbers and Sherpas) were injured. Many of our local staff have lost their homes or had them damaged. Though it will take time for Nepal to re-build, we expect to be operating our expeditions and treks in the autumn season, so long as it is reasonable to do so and the FCO advises travel. As of now, trekking routes are being recce’d by the Nepalese to assess damage and to check that they are passable. 

Looking ahead, we fully intend to be on Everest in spring 2016. Our leaders want to climb, as do our Sherpas. What Nepal needs is for us to travel there. In the meantime, if you would like to help those staff who have been injured or whose houses have been damaged by the earthquake, you may like to donate to Sherpa Aid UK.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who has sent kind messages of support to the Jagged Globe ‘family’, it means a lot to us. 


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