With tick bites a common concern amongst walkers around the UK, Lifesystems has come to the rescue with its new Tick Remover Card. Making it quick and simple to both identify and safely remove a tick, the credit card-sized device features a handy magnifying glass plus two different sized tick removers.

Commonly found in long grass or grazing pastures, ticks become more active during the warmer months and will be more likely to bite you and your pet. As well as causing localised irritation or infection, an untreated tick bite also brings with it the threat of Lyme disease and therefore, it is essential to remove a tick as quickly and safely as possible. The Lifesystems Tick Remover Card makes it easy for walkers to correctly remove the insect without the risk of leaving part of it behind and causing further infection.

Removed in two simple steps, firstly, the Tick Remover Card’s integrated magnifying glass makes it easy to identify the location and size of the tick that has bitten you. Then, the different sized removal slots ensure it is effortless to fully slide the card beneath the tick and safely lift out the entire insect. As well as reducing the risk of accidentally twisting or breaking off part of the tick, and unlike tweezers, the Tick Remover Card prevents you from squeezing any infected fluid from the tick’s body back into your blood stream.

Thanks to its ultra-lightweight and compact design, the Tick Remover Card can be stored neatly inside a pocket, wallet or daypack until it is needed.

For more information, please visit this website www.lifesystems.co.uk

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