After years of eating hundreds of different “energy” bars, we found they generally fell into two categories: good for you or good tasting. We wanted both. So we started from scratch, working with our favorite chefs and nutrition experts to develop a bar that was delicious and nutritious.

What we came up with is simple, pure food—just organic fruit, nuts, seeds and juice—compressed into a convenient, highly portable form. No artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, preservatives, coloring, chemical supplements, MSG or GMO ingredients. These chunky, chewy bars provide natural energy plus the extra nutritional benefits of chia and baobab. Our Organic Fruit + Almond Bars also support more sustainable agriculture, making them good food by any measure.


Simple, pure food


We built our Organic Fruit + Almond Bars around the idea that nature already has a leg up on all the high-tech, heavily processed energy bars on the market. The human body evolved to function most efficiently on simple, natural foods like fruit, seeds and nuts.

We make our bars from simple, natural ingredients, but sourcing ingredients that meet our standards is far from simple. We insist on working only with farmers who share our commitment to quality, flavor and the health of our planet, making the research process arduous. To start with, everything we use must be certified organic. 

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