COLEMANS-CTTS are campaigning for ski helmets to be compulsory after the surgeon treating Michael Schumacher said he would not have made it to the hospital without it.
The Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) concluded this month after a series of trials that:

“…skiers wearing helmets experience two thirds less g-force than skiers without helmets, which means a greatly reduced risk of suffering a serious head injury, such as a brain contusion.”

Clare Roantree, Partner at Coleman’s ctts says:

“It is of huge concern that even with such conclusive evidence available that ski helmets are yet to be compulsory? How many lives must be saved by helmets – and how many lost without one? Michael Schumacher remains in a critical condition, but remember we hear of his accident only because of the prolific figure he is. Many of these accidents happen every year, (53 accidental deaths recorded during the 2007-08 season) [1], in which a safety helmet played – or could have played – a vital part  We believe there is no margin too small on lives saved. We urge every ski resort in Europe make the use of safety helmets compulsory.”

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