Youri Zoon. Carlos Mario. Sam Light. Alex Fox. Four of the best riders in the world, and they all choose the RPM as their go-to kite, for everything from flatwater foiling and mellow sunset sessions with friends to big-air nukers and high-voltage heats on the world tour.

Six years after we first unleashed the RPM, we find it harder than ever to define. Never before has one kite appealed so well to so many different styles of riding. As spring approaches and the 2016 season unfolds, our message is simple: Gear up, get stoked and OWN YOUR SEASON with the RPM.

Your time on the water is precious; don’t waste a moment of it on inferior gear. Don’t let your kite hold you back or define what type of rider you are. Don’t settle for second best. Own your experience. Own your season with the RPM.

The choice is simple. But don’t take our word for it, see why the pros are saying the same thing: 

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