An Invitation from Ossy 

Challenge your senses- the background is ice, not clouds or fog. Vinson is like no other trip, beyond comparison and seemingly of another world. Mark Gunlogson photo
We’re happy to say that the January 6th Vinson climb with MM guide extraordinaire, Ossy Freire, is confirmed. Unlike many of the other Seven Summits, where weather is often the factor determining whether there will be a successful summit, the icy continent of Antarctica is essentially a desert. With this comes stable weather and high success rates.
Join Ossy as you work your way up this incredible climb and along the way he’ll be sure to share his trademark friendliness; tell his stories from his many expeditions, including his climbs of Everest and Manaslu both without oxygen; and serve up his charismatic enthusiasm. 

Invite from Deana-

Travel to the Forbidden Kingdom of Mustang

Splendid scenery in Mustang. Seth Hobby photo
Dear Trekkers and Friends-
I hope you are all enjoying the bounty and warmth of summer! As you start looking for adventures for the upcoming fall I’d like to invite you to join me in Nepal. We’re still seeking 1-2 people to complete the group for an Upper Mustang trek. We’ve revised the itinerary a little to include visits to nearby caves that include ancient Buddhist paintings and other special offerings, but the dates are the same. I’m excited for this journey as the landscape is going to be spectacular Tibetan style plateau – and very different from most of Nepal! If you’re considering joining in this adventure, please drop the folks at the office a line or give them a call.
All my best,

Mountain Madness will take you on an unforgettable journey to the heart of this Forbidden Kingdom.

For more information, please visit this website

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