Some things are difficult to describe in words…like the feeling you get when you catch your very first wave, the rush of flying across the water powered by only the wind, or the thrill of flying through the air pulled by a kite like something out of a fairy tale.

At Naish, this is what drives us.

It’s sparking the dreams that keep a child on a positive path through sports, or giving an old man the stoke and passion for life that he has never felt before, all driven by the excitement of learning something new while engaging with nature in a whole new way.  It’s helping a young athlete grow into a multiple world champion. And it’s the reward of providing the most enjoyable workout ever while helping someone to get into the best shape of their life with just a board and a paddle.

We are a boardriding company, yes. But we are also much more than that. Powered by and deeply appreciative of the incredible conditions that our home on Maui, Hawaii provides, we live boardriding day in and day out. Unlike most companies, we are driven not so much by our bottom line but instead, by our passion for carving up the wind and waves…and sharing that passion and stoke with others.

We know the emotions that are stirred when a customer rides a Naish board, sail or kite for the first time. It is the combination of shape & form, color & materials, engineering & testing, quality & team, and imagery & history working together flawlessly.  It’s the perfect blend of style, technology and function.

At Naish we firmly believe that no matter what sport you choose, no matter how good you are or where you happen live, that every day on the water is a good day.

It may be difficult to describe in words, but the cumulative experiences and stoke that come from your time on the water is priceless, especially when you’re riding a Naish.

Our 2015 range is packed with emotion like never before.  Enjoy the ride!


Robby Naish

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