The DadGear Rucksack from online bag specialist HappyBags has been especially designed to be a totally flexible changing and travel bag for today’s modern, hands on Dad, but the unisex style means that Mums will be happy to use it too.

This cleverly designed rucksack works perfectly as a day to day changing bag and is particularly good for twins and when travelling with baby.

A multitude of pockets and the neat pull down flap for accessing wet wipes mean that this DadGear bag will help make trips out with baby a lot easier, allowing you to be organised and ready for any situation.
Additional features include nappy hammock, changing mat, buggy clips, mesh bottle pockets, pale coloured interior and robust padded shoulder straps. The design means that it can be used as a regular rucksack once baby is out of nappies

The bag measures 46 x 30 x 30.

Happybags offers regular customers loyalty points with every purchase.

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