One of the most important and basic items of the countryman’s list of equipment is the knife.  With literally thousands of knives on offer, mainly aimed at the US market, buyers in Europe can be faced with a difficult choice when it comes to deciding on a suitable new knife. This shortfall was quickly identified in 2010 by Dean Boyd and Joel Andreas who joined ranks and formed ‘Emberleaf Workshops’ in West Sussex.  

Dean and Joel have the kind of backgrounds that nurture the qualities needed to keep them ahead of the game in designing and manufacturing knives. Both served as Royal engineers in the British Army, Dean as a welder, blacksmith and toolmaker.  On leaving the army Joel gained many traditional skills including saw milling and timber framing and Dean became a qualified bladesmith.  Both, Dean and Joel worked as military bushcraft and survival instructors which also involved a fair amount of hunting.

This experience, mixed with a driving passion and flair for creativity and design has earned Emberleaf Workshops a worldwide reputation for producing quality handmade knives and bespoke leather work.  Each knife is meticulously planned and designed according to the customer’s order to ensure maximum dependable performance.   All knives are handcrafted from start to finish using natural materials and state of the art alloys.  Blades are made from hardened modern stainless steels which offer better resistance to corrosion, retain a sharper edge and can be easily sharpened. The final edge can be ground up to three times sharper than a surgical scalpel. 

The choice of material for the handle is vast and can be made from natural materials such as wood, bone and horn or customers can opt for an artificial material like kirinite, rafir or micarta, which are resin-based and available in many different colours.  There is also a ‘combo’ choice offering customers a mixture of natural and artificial materials.  Shokwood is a wood with naturally formed holes, which are filled with coloured thermoplastic resins to give a unique blending of nature and modern technology.

Whether it is a unique one-off knife or a modified existing model, Emberleaf Workshops are wholly committed to working with customers to ensure the end result is a highly crafted knife that gives the best possible performance year after year, for life.

Visitors to the 2016 British Shooting Show will be able to meet Dean and see examples of their knives at the Emberleaf Workshops trade stand. 

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