ZEISS Otus Lenses – Especially designed for modern DSLR cameras with high-resolution sensors

The Otus lenses from ZEISS are the pinnacle of over 125 years of expertise and experience in optical and mechanical excellence. Only the best materials and the highest quality glass were good enough for lenses that were designed, at every stage, with one single thought in mind: to offer the highest possible performance. Achieving the simple goal of offering you something that is truly perfect. Experience a new dimension from the world of ZEISS.

The range of ZEISS Otus lenses offer:

The highest precision and build quality

• Highly precise mechanical build quality and a large rotation angle for exact work

• Robust all-metal construction

• Easy-grip focus ring for the finest of manual focus adjustments

• Comes standard with a matching lens shade

Professional standards

• Elaborate optical corrections make for substantially less time spent in image processing and in post-production

• Innovative product design for the best usability and the highest aesthetic standards

Medium format performance

• The quality and performance of medium format systems – even at the highest apertures

• Consistently high resolution and contrast over the entire image frame – even into the corners

• No chromatic aberration, no distortion

For more information about the ZEISS Otus lenses, contact us by calling 01223 401450, email customercare.uk@zeiss.com or visit us online at www.zeiss.co.uk/camera-lenses

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