After the breathtaking seasons #1 and #2, here is the next chance to apply for the 3rd edition of the World Trip at The Locals’ 2014! Even more discoveries, encounters and extraordinary experiences are awaiting you!

What is it?

BedyCasa, the leading French company in the rental of local people’s homes, is launching today the 3rd edition of the World Trip at The Locals’. The concept is simple: to offer 4 fixed-term contracts which will discover five continents during 2 months (July and August) whilst staying in local people’s homes.

For whom?

4 people will be chosen: 2 teams consisting of an adventurer and a cameraman. The applicants must be between the age of 18 and 99, speak at least 2 languages, be citizens of the European Economic Area or of Switzerland, and be available from June 27th to August 30th 2014 for a French fixed-term contract.

How does it work?

Candidates must apply between April 15th and May 12th 2014 via the site BedyCasa in order to become an adventurer or a cameraman. They can apply personally or as an ‘adventurer/cameraman’ pair. They could also choose their partner out of the other applicants from the search engine on the site.

From there, 10 adventurers and 10 cameramen will be selected in regard to the total number of votes they received on the social media; and a further 10 adventurers and 10 cameramen will be chosen by the BedyCasa jury. Out of these 40 pre-selected contestants, a final 20 will be chosen by the jury to be interviewed in Paris from May 19th to May 30th.

The 4 winners will be announced on Tuesday, the 3nd of June!

Their missions :

The two teams of adventurers and cameramen’s mission will be to spread the concept of BedyCasa across the world and to share their experiences and adventures with the Internet community via videos, pictures and articles. They will have to take up challenges sent by the BedyCasa and Routard online communities as well as other social media. Finally, their other mission will be to establish the basis of the collective ambition project: ‘World Family Project’, with the aim of creating Bed&Breakfasts in low-income households.

In this way, BedyCasa encourages the idea of sharing not only moments and homes, but also meeting new people, which are the keystones in what has made BedyCasa of one the pioneers of collaborative economy.

This project will be focused on an initiation of the image of BedyCasa: originality, humanity and enriching experiences. Setting up camp at a local’s creates a new and different way of travelling, the opportunity to have a completely unique experience off the beaten track and make friends.

For more information, please visit this website

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