The final day of the PWA Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival lived up to expectations as Pozo provided a full day of fantastic competition – spanning nine action packed hours – to conclude the event. By the end of the day a result had been gained: Victor Fernandez produced a magnificent display to be crowned the champion of Pozo for the fifth time in his career, whilst Klaas Voget and Alessio Stillrich are both ranked 5th – what a great result for Fanatic & well deserved!

Victor Fernandez on claiming his first title of the year:

“When we arrived at 7am in the morning I think everyone was low on motivation looking at the conditions, but I looked over to my caddy and we agreed that I should go out on the water. After I did a few rides and jumps I think Duncan decided to start. We started with Klaas and Kenneth and I think this was a good idea because after that we basically didn’t stop. I was really happy with my waveriding in the final, I think this was the best I did all day. I think my best jump was in the semifinal against Brawzinho with my double forward and also one-handed, one-footed backloop. I had to push myself to the limit in every heat, but I’m  just delighted to win the first event of the year.”

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