35 years ago, International Expeditions scouted Peru’s Upper Amazon basin as a true pioneer of ecologically responsible travel in Earth’s most biodiverse region.

IE continues to set the standard for Amazon travel, always leading the way as typified in our riverboat, La Estrella Amazonica, the newest in a line of classic vessels we’ve created since starting river cruising in the Peruvian Amazon River in 1994. To learn more about the amenities you will enjoy on La Estrella Amazonica, visit our ship page.

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The legendary Peruvian Amazon rainforest is home to a profusion of flora and fauna far eclipsing in variety and volume that of any other place on Earth. More than 1,300 species of birds, 40,000 plant species, grey and pink river dolphins and an abundance of primates can be found in the lush, ever-changing jungle we know simply as “The Amazon.” Leading your way are knowledgeable, local naturalist guides with decades of expertise. 

While exploring the Amazon’s most remote and protected recesses, our new riverboat, La Estrella Amazonica, is always nearby ready to comfort and refresh you after a jungle walk, a village visit or a kayaking excursion. Onboard, you’re pampered with superb meals, air-conditioned cabins and common areas, an expansive Observation Deck, and even chilled towels to dab the sweat from your brow as you head back from an exciting adventure on our specially-designed excursion boats

Count on IE to uncover the greatest opportunities for you to discover your true nature. There’s always something new, from sightings of rare wildlife to new Peruvian recipes using organic delicacies purchased along the river during our voyage. And we’ve continued to add new amenities and experiences, like satellite WiFi or visits to open-air market upriver in Nauta to peruse the exotic delicacies of the river and rainforest. 


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