The world’s only hunting apparel with MYCORE CONTROL™ technology that uses the hunter’s own circulatory system to provide total body warmth in cold environments.

– Yukon Gear®, a Big Game International Brand, is launching the world’s first hunting apparel system that utilizes the body’s own circulatory system to safely and naturally maintain core body warmth. The jacket features MYCORE CONTROLTM, a patented technology that gently applies heat to key pulse points on the user’s wrists.  From there, the circulatory system takes over, quickly circulating warm blood throughout the body to provide a sustained feeling of core warmth.

Unlike ordinary jackets, which only provide external warmth to limited areas, the new Yukon Gear® jackets provide hunters with uninterrupted, sustained warmth, and can increase comfort and endurance when hunting or pursuing other cold-weather activities.

Yukon Gear® Launches Revolutionary Hunting Jacket for Core Body Warmth

“This technology is the next great advancement in keeping people warm and comfortable in any weather condition,” said Doug Jenner, Vice President of Product Marketing for Big Game International.  “This jacket warms the whole body by maintaining the temperature of the user’s blood, even in extreme cold.  No other jacket can do that.  It’s a completely new approach.”

MYCORE CONTROL™ technology uses a compact, waterproof system that is totally integrated into the jacket.  Within Yukon Gear® apparel, the technology is called Personal Thermal Control (PTC).  The user can impact their core body temperature, even modifying it as activity levels change, for up to 12 hours of run time.  Components are easily removable for washing and the system charges in just 4 hours.  The battery provides 6 hours of heat on high or 12 hours on a low heat setting.

The Yukon Gear® PTC hunting jacket system with the integrated MYCORE CONTROL™ technology is made with 240 gram brushed poly Tricot fabric that is super soft and ultra-quiet. The jacket features a waterproof and breathable outer shell and an insulated, quilted liner. A cinch hood and elastic wrist cuffs keep wind out.

The MYCORE CONTROL™ system is very light weight, and easily controlled by the user with access to the power controller by a remote button visibly located on the left chest pocket. The system in no way impedes the active hunter and will enable a hunter to stay in the field longer and more comfortably.

The Yukon Gear® PTC hunting jackets are available in the popular Mossy Oak® patterns at retailers. For more information on the MYCORE CONTROL™ technology and Yukon Gear® PTC apparel visit  Share your hunting adventures on Facebook at Yukon® Gear Hunt.

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